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All Types Of SEO Tools

SEO tools are presently in short supply and each SEO tool may provide data pertinent to its own sector and help to competitive benchmarking. We’ve put up a list of SEO tools that covers everything from paid ads to email marketing. All you have to do now is determine whatever aspect of your website you wish to grow.

General competitor analysis tools

While many SEO tools are geared to a single specialty, these tools assess several aspects of the web marketing strategy of your competition to provide you an overview of their efforts to identify prospective development possibilities.

Pi Datametrics

With Pi, after every campaign, you can assess the influence of your brand, product lines and competitive performance. The “what” and “when” may be identified by looking at developing trends and the intention of the public and influencing the message and the timescales of consumer marketing.

You may also retroactively utilize brand-search intelligence data to assess the impact of your ads and their performance.


Compare traffic, references, behavior of the visitors, search terms, pay advertisements and social analytics per site. Keep track of rival emails. You may choose to track rivals yourself or let Kompyte do it for you depending on the terms you’re tracking. Prices begin at $95 per month, with a 14-day free trial.


It provides an overview of website traffic, references, search traffic and keywords, social media, publicity displays, the public and comparable sites and applications. Prices are based on the service you require.

SEO and keyword analysis Tools


Spyfu has a nice keyword tool that shows how much your competitors rate for keywords but also how much their target keywords match with yours. Many services (with data limit), starting at $33/month and a 30-day money back guarantee are available for free (with data limit).


Ahrefs is an excellent search tool for SEO and keywords. You may utilize it to observe how much organic traffic your competitors are taking, and how much their content performs best. It’s also not overly priced.

They’ve also included keyword data for sites like YouTube, Baidu, and Amazon, as well as the ability to compare domains to discover content gaps and monitor individual keywords over time.


A variety of indicators related to keywords, sponsored search, and rankings are included in the analysis. You can search up to ten URLs, but the results will be restricted. You’ll need to upgrade to see all of the data, which starts at $99 per month.

Backlink analysis tools

Open Link Profiler

There is a comprehensive range of link analysis accessible, including a summary of backlinks, a split of countries and industries, and link age. In the previous 90 days, all of the links have been certified as operational. Although the free account is comprehensive, access to the complete suite of SEO tools costs $49.95.

Monitor Backlinks

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll receive emails about new links, lost links, new competitor links, and weekly domain changes. Prices for 1 domain and 2 competitors start at $24.90 per month, with a 30-day free trial available.

Content discovery tools


You may use the free tools to look for material by entering a keyword or a competitor’s URL. You may then narrow down your results by publishing date, content genre, and social media shares. The trend section also applies to several businesses. The subscription service, which starts at $99 a month, gives you access to more data and tools.


There are several news aggregator websites to choose from. Feedly enables you to modify your sites so you may categories trends, customers and rivals by industry general trends. There is a browser plugin that allows you to easily add sites to your feed. A Pro subscription costs $5.41 per month, but the free version keeps you up to speed with material with no effort.

Paid advert and PPC tools


The tool detects your top PPC competitors and exposes their monthly spending as well as their full Adwords strategy. PPC and SEO keyword data may be accessed for seven years. Prices begin at $59 per month.


Analyze where your rivals are promoting, what their advertisements look like, and how successful these advertisements are. The campaign data of 150 000 top-level display publishers can also be accessible. Prices begin at $299 per month.

SERP rankings tools


This is a really potent set of tools. There are several premium solutions (some of which will only be economical for big enterprises), but you can obtain a free trial. You can obtain a Searchmetrics SEO visibility score as part of this, which reveals how much a domain is ranking. You may then add some competitors to check how they’re doing.

Web traffic tool


Alexa, which is owned by Amazon and was founded 20 years ago, ranks websites depending on their visitor numbers. In addition, Alexa offers measurement data such day-to-day page views, bounce rates, time on site and demographics. The basic plan costs $79 per month, but you may try it out for free for the first seven days to see whether it’s suitable for you.

E-commerce tool


Prisync automatically tracks rival pricing and available stock and delivers it to you through a web dashboard or e-mail alert. This implies that you don’t need to check your competitor’s websites consistently.

A free account is accessible, while premium accounts begin at $49 per month.

A/B testing tool


We listed them again since in this category there are so few possibilities It can be important to know when your rivals perform A/B tests. It gives you an overview of your campaigns and strategy, and also an alert system if anything new is about to be tried. As part of its $99 per month subscription, iSpionage offers this together with several other services. Worth a look, of course.

Social media conversation tools

Brandwatch Consumer Research

Were you sure you couldn’t wait for anything else? You can refine the platform to monitor what matters to you through the extensive searches, classifications, rules, alerts and more than 85 million monitored sites.

You may watch the social media output of your rival on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. To follow all your rivals’ mentions, you may build searches throughout the web that keep their contents and news pieces up to date.

Track the complete discussion in your industry to see a shifting portion of the voice, track your feeling surrounding every brand and preserve a record of the contents of your competitors. Signals and Alerts will provide trends and news to you.

Competitor audience analysis

Brandwatch Audiences

By looking at those who follow your competition socially, you may acquire tremendous insight. You may evaluate a sequel using Audiences and examine at its demographics, influencers and content.

They may even develop audiences based on the brands, so that you can find out who talks about your rivals and who is also engaged in your business.

You may even download their followers as a list and use competing Twitter advertisements to target them. Most useful.

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