Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur With Placements

With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rolled out across India, the onus is on taxpayers to familiarize themselves with this new way of paying taxes or filing returns. Therefore, understanding the system like a professional has become an integral part of any business, organization, or taxpayer.

This article covers a brief introduction to GST, including the advantages it offers. You may also be interested in checking out the top GST certification courses in Jaipur if you wish to be a pro in handling GST or be a qualified GST practitioner.

List of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur 

Brief on GST

Naturally, the first step in this direction is to have a basic understanding of GST. GST is formally known as “Goods and Services Tax.” The Parliament passed the GST bill on 29th March 2017. Under “One Nation One Tax Policy,” on 1st July 2017 as a complete indirect taxation method to replace all existing indirect taxes.

This indirect tax comes into play on the supply of merchandise and services when sold for domestic expenditure. That is why GST is also known as the consumption tax. Globally, many countries have a combined tax rate that merges central taxes such as sales, service, excise with entertainment, luxury, entry taxes, and state taxes.

More than 160 nations have implemented GST in some form, with France being the pioneer to implement this tax in 1954. Other significant prominent names include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Spain, and more.

The single objective to implement GST was to bring uniformity in the imposition of taxes.

Advantages of GST

  • The approximate tax burden on business firms has relatively come down.
  • The collection has become easier as varied taxes now come under a single platform of GST, bringing in standard compliance methods across the nation.
  • Transparency of the total taxation system has improved, and the negative chain of effects because of the older tax method has been eliminated.
  • Lessening of evasion of tax and improvement in tax collection, bringing in higher GDP.
  • The registration system under GST is free of complexities with total digital compliance.
  • Logistics saw an increase in business transactions due to a reduction in the tax on merchandise transportation, resulting in quick movement of merchandise across the nation.
  • GST is anticipated to create jobs and generate opportunities as businesses hire professionals for dedicated GST management, up-gradation, and reconciliations.
  • The Indian service sector is large, so there are ample opportunities for the generation rising youths as the GST will be accommodating most of the working-class population and job seekers into a well-thought approval framework.
  • GST knowledge allows people who have applied for a job with corporate sectors to be more knowledgeable about the tax system and thus guide business firms on this.
  • An online certification course can turn a beginner in GST into an advanced level GST practitioner who knows the new tax compliance rules and the effect of GST on businesses.
  • A course on GST expertise can help you get practical hands-on exposure to the registration of GST.

It might help you to know in-depth about GST.

Eligibility for The Online GST Certification Courses

You are eligible for the GST certification courses if you have the following criteria:

  • You must be a professional management accountant, chartered accountant, Commerce, Arts, engineering graduate, or company secretary.
  • You have a background in taxation or want a career in taxation.

This checklist might help you to identify other suitable courses.

The Top GST Certification Courses in Jaipur

Here’s a listing of some of the finest online GST certification courses:

IIM Skills

This course by IIM Skills is the best GST certification course. It is suitable for those who wish to learn about Goods and Services Tax (GST) or those who already know about GST and want to become GST experts. The participants will get 100% job-oriented training, and there will be weekly assignments throughout the training to ensure quality.

The GST law is one of the newest in India and a continuously evolving one. Therefore, it is essential that every taxpayer is aware of these changes and is well prepared with the necessary skills. This course will help tax-paying individuals adapt and know the pros and cons well, and be aware of any changes that have or might take place in this tax.

The core of this online GST certification course in Jaipur comprises extensive practical training, which covers right from the basics of this indirect tax to higher levels.

Specialties Include:

  • The whole idea and knowledge of this consumption tax, how and why it was implemented, compliance laws, and enforcement.
  • Get to know the comprehensive framework of the tax, how to register, refunds, return filing, or compliance.
  • Sixteen plus hours of live online classes, practical assignments, along with a lifetime membership to access the recorded classes.
  • Job-oriented learning along with dedicated assistance for placement.
  • Industry-oriented advanced syllabus, free electronic books, software, and tools for creating invoices.
  • Learn from industry gurus, situation-based case studies, and GST insights to give you a hands-on learning experience.
  • Get acquainted with updated GST returns, how to conduct GST checks of your company or firm.
  • Get Master certification from IIM Skills on completing the course.


Course Duration: One month

Fees: Rs. 6490/- plus 18% GST

IIM SKILLS Jaipur GST Practitioner Course Invite


This Tally training course by Technoglobe is one of the finest GST certification courses in Jaipur. They are among the best institutions that offer 100% practical and relevant GST certification courses in Jaipur.

Who Should Attend This Course –

  • Students who want to become GST experts
  • Professionals who need to know about GST laws and regulations
  • Individuals who have to file GST returns
  • Anyone who needs to know about GST in general.

The participants will be taught how to manually prepare a GST return, understand all the return aspects, and use the available software programs to prepare the return. The course is designed to ensure that the participants can successfully prepare their GST returns. The Tally course has four modules, out of which Technoglobe has dedicated two to GST.

Module one includes manual accounting, trading, fund flow, cash flow, etc. The second module makes the students acquainted with internet technology, ms office, advanced excel, etc. The third and the fourth sections include Tally ERP, taxation, voucher entry, advance accounting, GST basics, procedure, registration, format, return of GST, advance tax, and more.

Special Features:

  • They provide training excellence and placement services for 20 plus years, with over 5000 participants placed successfully.
  • Have collaborations with more than 50 national and international Universities.
  • Their partnership with giants like HP and Microsoft helps their students prepare and get global certifications too.
  • Industry-oriented education.

Tax Professional Academy

This course by the Tax Professional Academy is one of the most comprehensive GST certification courses in Jaipur. Immediately after completion of this course, participants should be able to understand:

  • The entire GST structure.
  • What should be included in an invoice?
  • How to calculate GST?
  • How to prepare and file returns?
  • How to manage supplier and customer relationships?
  • How to value invoices and other payments?

The content of this program has been developed by chartered accountants and other experts from the industry, with inputs from leading practitioners. It is designed to be easily understood by students with an essential background in commerce or taxation or a graduate or post-graduate in commerce.

This GST certification course in Jaipur covers fundamentals of Tally training, compliance with TDS, return filing, and an extensive understanding of GST law.

On completion, you get an extensive understanding of GST law, composition scheme of this tax law, knowledge of exporting merchandise under GST law, refund of paid taxes, registration, creation of invoices, debit note, payment voucher, filing returns, claiming input tax credit and more.


Special Features:

  • Complete action-oriented training.
  • Additional training with members of the CA office.
  • Latest teaching techniques with a focus on current significant topics.
  • 100% industry-ready education.
  • Knowledge of current tax laws.
  • Small batch size to maintain the standard teacher-student ratio.
  • Training imparted by expert chartered accountants with more than ten years of experience.

Course Duration: Three months

Samyak IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Samyak IT Solutions is one of the top-ranked institutions that provides one of the top-notch GST certification courses in Jaipur. Other than having more than ten branches in Jaipur, they have units across the globe, including Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Dubai, and Florida.

Some of the content this GST certification course in Jaipur covers:

  • Basic understanding of the GST act.
  • How to pay GST to the administration.
  • Calculation of taxable value.
  • Return filing of GST.
  • Charging of GST in bills and invoices.
  • Generating reports.
  • Comparison of rates, the applicability of this tax.
  • Comparison of GST and other previous indirect tax.

Special Features:

  • Action-oriented learning by industry gurus.
  • 100% job-ready curriculum.
  • Options for internship along with complete assistance for placement.
  • Aspirants who have basic knowledge of computers, including school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, or graduates, are eligible for this course.
  • They have based the study on GST complaint Tally.
  • Samyak has created the course content with the help of Tally experts.

Course Duration: 2.5 months


Finprov’s GST practitioner course can be taken by job aspirants and business owners alike. Business owners looking to become self-reliant when it comes to managing the paperwork required for handling their GST can benefit immensely from this course and job seekers looking to begin a promising career.

Their course content covers basic concepts of GST, GST registration, tax liabilities, GST return, practitioner registration, e-GST payment, and much more.

Special Features:

  • Regular assessment tests.
  • All-round exposure to subject dimensions.
  • Technology-enabled learning.
  • Customized student support.

Course Duration: 15 days

Fees: Rs.3499

IIM SKILLS Jaipur GST Practitioner Course Invite


In 2010, TIFA realized a need for candidates to be groomed in the accounting and taxes niche. It led to the foundation of TIFA, which is now one of the leading institutes in the country that offer excellent online GST certification courses in Jaipur.

Their alumni have had incredible careers in Finance and accounting, which has made TIFA one of the sought-after names who provide one of the best-in-class industry-oriented education.

Special Features:

  • Training certification under the NSDC.
  • Total job placement assistance.
  • 80% practical-based syllabus along with interactive theoretical lessons.
  • Updated course syllabus.

Course Duration: 6 months


SBT Tally GST Centre

Their courses are affiliated with the Rajasthan Skill University, and the training is lead by experienced chartered accountants. Their curriculum focuses on Tally, TDS, GST, registration of store, and other official work.

Special Features:

  • One of the finest online GST certification courses in Jaipur.
  • Job-oriented education with live, project experience.
  • 24*7 student support provided.

Henry Harvin Education

The Henry Harvin Course on GST is one of the most practical online GST certification courses, classified as one of the best in the industry, and has trained more than 14,265 aspirants to date.

It helps you understand GST from A to Z and prepares you for all the intricacies of GST implementation. The GST course is designed in an easy-to-understand manner with lots of practical examples and real-life case studies.

Students get complete insights on regulations of GST, GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, GSTR1, the latest provisions of electronic invoices, and a host of other latest topics related to the subject.

It covers the following subjects:

Module 1 – Supply or Levy, Place or Value of Supply, Import, E-Way Bills or Export.

Module 2: Input Tax Credit, Registrations, Transitional Provisions, ITC04, Job Work.

Module 3: Invoice, Account & Records, Tax Payments, Returns, Time of Supply, and Refunds.

Module 4: Audit & Assessments, Litigation Management, Demand & Recovery, Offenses & Penalties.

The curriculum offers two complementary modules, which include soft skills development and resume writing.

The Henry Harvin Institute boasts an impressive professional alumni network of more than 18,000 talented individuals across the country. In addition, some renowned corporate partners who trust Henry Harvin include Apollo Tyres, L& T, HDFC Bank, Tata Power, and more.

Special Features:

●      Best Ranked GST certification courses in Jaipur and across India.

  • Get complete hands-on training, including registration, returns, refunds, tax credit, and TDS compliance.
  • Internship, certification, e-learning, 100% job assistance, boot camps, gold membership, and Hackathons.
  • Monthly revision sessions, recorded session videos, preparation sessions for job interviews.

Fees: Rs. 8999

IIM SKILLS Jaipur GST Practitioner Course Invite

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is a GST Practitioner?

A GST practitioner provides online consultation and other such services to taxpayers. The GST consultant must be a registered member of the GSTN platform and have acquired the certification through the standard application process before starting his practice.

2. What are the responsibilities of a GST practitioner?

He must take care of GST registration, return filing, refunds, or any related payment, and furnish relevant inward and outward supplies data.

3. How much can a GST practitioner earn?

The typical yearly earnings for an accounts manager in GST practitioner span between INR 4.9 lakhs and 6.4 lakhs, but remember that pay also depend on one’s expertise and skill set. However, having intermediate-level English skills would be an asset, and more incredible communication skills will help you earn more.

4. Can a chartered accountant be a GST practitioner?

For an individual to be eligible to be a GST practitioner, he must be enrolled with the state or central authority. Lawyers, chartered accountants, CS, having the certificate of practice, advocates, officials retired from government jobs, and graduates in any field are all eligible for registration.


The advent of the historic GST act has opened up immense employment possibilities for potential commerce graduates, tax consultants, and people from finance and accounting backgrounds. These listed GST certification courses in Jaipur will help you choose from various options in the market and thus add a solid qualification to your profile.

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